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We work together with hundreds of Holiday Home owners in the southwest and have created a very unique 4 step process!

  1. You book in your clean using our online booking page, leaving any notes or linen requirements you may have
  2. Your clean is then dispatched to the appropriate cleaner, the linen bag, restock, keys etc. are organised at our office and ready for the clean 48hrs before
  3.  During your clean the property is thoroughly checked for damage, excessive cleaning, missing items or anything left behind by the guests. We then complete the clean paying special attention to styling and presentation. Our team checks everything is in working order, completes a unique property checklist as well as a departure cleaning report. If needed, photos or videos are taken.  Everything is then closed, turned off and locked before returning the keys to the lock box.
  4. The property is then checked by a supervisor or manager and your departure cleaning report, photos and invoice are sent through via email.

This is all done using an app! You can also log into your online booking page at anytime and see in real-time as soon as your clean is complete so that if your guests would like to check in early you can say yes! All areas are covered, we keep an eye on everything so you don't have to.

Our office is set up with everything a holiday home could need. We are always prepared!

- Hire linen

We have a large quantity of freshly laundered and pressed linen by Alpine kept in our office ready to go! This includes: sheets, pillow slips, towels, bath mats, hand towels, flannels, tea towels & doona covers

- Restock and Amenities

We have boxes ready to go at a low cost so you don't have to worry about shopping while your down. This includes things like toilet paper, hand soap, dish soap, dish tablets, chux, shampoo, coffee, tea and more!

  • Globes and batteries are always on hand so we can change when needed.
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Yard maintenance, general maintenance, Window cleaning

Not only will we let you know if any of these things need to be done by providing photo evidence and a quote but we can do it for you too!

We also offer a 24hr support line at no cost to your guests so you don't have to stress! Someone is always here to help.

Consider us your eyes and ears!